Special Educator

A special educator has specialized training to work with students who have learning, behavioral, emotional, and/or physical disabilities. As a special educator, I provide the following services:

Family Services:

  • Effective Parenting
  • Empower parents to actively advocate for their children with disabilities
  • Teach parents strategies specific to the learning, communication, behavior, social development, and/or functional skills of their individual child
  • Help parents to understand their role in the IEP process
  • Educate parents about assessments, evaluations, technology, teams, rights, and other school based operations
  • Assist parents in overall planning for the success of their child with disabilities
  • Guide parents toward resources that meet the unique needs of their family situations
  • Train PCAs, babysitters, family members, school personnel, and any other pertinent party on the specific disability of the child and his/her needs

Individual Services

  • Use a child's affinity to help learn, regulate, build self power and esteem, and decrease anxiety.
  • Tutor children and youth in academics and social skills.
  • Plan and coach for a teenager’s future through assessment and skill based interventions.
  • Develop and support home programming for children with ASD.
  • Support IEP development and implementation.
  • Help teachers with difficult behavioral cases.
  • Develop safety plans for a child or youth with a disability.
  • Help connect home programming to school programming and vice versa.
  • Help to promote purposeful and meaningful integration of kids with disabilities in general education programs.
  • Train family support or school support staff based on an individual child’s needs, including personal care assistants.
  • Conduct educational, behavioral, and social evaluations.
  • Develop and foster team support for a child or youth with a disability.